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Monday, 31 May 2010

Family Tree

Im from quite an artistic family so the creative bug is definatley in my genes! It fascinates me to learn about the skills of my relatives, and I'm sure unknowingly in the early days, this has made me who I am.
I decided a long time ago that I wanted to get a business back into my family, and that it would be strongly linked to my roots.
My Grandad was quite a talented photographer, and although there are not many images left of my Dad and his sisters as children, the few we do have are amazing. I sadly never met my Grandma Lillian, or my Aunt Pauline, as both passed away when my Dad was young and long before I was born. The photographs we have of them are really natural and I think thats why I am so fond of them.
I have always wanted to dedicate my work to them and their memory in some way, and after looking through the photographs my Auntie gave me, I found some I had never seen before and it hit me that they would be brilliant for my work and give me the family link I had been looking for. The images I have chosen will be used in 'point of sales' graphics and other promotional materials. My collections for 2010 onwards will also have dresses with key cuts named after my Grandma Lilli and Aunt Pauline, aswell as Great Aunts from my Mums side of the family. So make sure to check the labels and meet the family!

In Loving Memory

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