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Thursday, 27 May 2010

History of FrayedFrocks

FrayedFrocks first came together a few years ago whilst studying my degree. I knew that when I was done being a student and needed to grow up, that a career in design was the only path for me.
My main passions in life are fashion, photography and all things vintage! So what better than to combine all 3 to create my dream job.
I have several childhood memories of watching my Mum sewing away making our clothes and soft furnishings for the home. So from a very early age I knew fabric and stitch would be the starting block to my own future.

Starting out I wanted to combine my love of vintage fashion and fabrics to create a line of clothing and accessories that reflect trends of times gone by, but with an added twist that makes them unique and recognisable in design.
I have loved learning about the history of fashion and the distinctive styles belonging to certain era's. I really love the idea of each piece having a story behind the design, and it is those stories that inspire me the most.
Everyday I am surrounded by fabrics and garments with great history and I am lucky enough to be able to let loose my creativity and breathe new life into fabulous fabrics.

All the fabrics I use are recycled from old clothing, so although they are of new design, they are very much from a vintage background. I like to keep my design work individual so that each piece is unique to the wearer and I try to achieve this by adding found objects. whether they be odd buttons or charms and beads from broken jewellery, each item has that little something special.

I'm really new to this blogging malarky! but because of what I do, I thought it would be nice to start blogging so my customers as well as everyone else can see my new collections as they emerge and learn a little more about the girl behind the stitches.
fee x

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