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Sunday, 18 July 2010

The Get Away : part 1 : Secret Gardens

As the summer kicks into full swing another chapter in my life closes. I decided to leave my job in vintage retail so I could spend more time on my label as its becoming more and more in demand. So after a busy end to my job as a buyer and designer for said vintage retailer i was in much need of a break! and where better to run away to than to visit the big sister down in London.

On my first day there we went for a little walk to explore the new area of the capital she has moved to. We stumbled into an opening along the river which lead into these lovely gardens. Open to the public but we felt like kids again entering a secret garden. At the top end of the gardens was this amazing fountain! it was huge and very grand but at the same time very peaceful. The perfect setting for two sisters to have there long over due catch up over an ice cream, basking in london sunshine. . x

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