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Sunday, 18 July 2010

The Get Away : part 2 : Brighton

What summer break is complete without a trip to the seaside! so sticking to the rules we hit our local beach that just so happend to be BRIGHTON :)

The weather was unusually hot (always rains when im in london) so we took advantage of this and jumped on the train straight to Brighton.

What a perfect saturday it was! Little shopping trip in the lanes, I was in my element with all the vintage and shabby chic boutiques and had to keep telling myself " now fee, you wont get those home on the train in one piece" so for once the purse didnt get a battering! Although my pennies were safe my mind was on over drive taking mental notes of everything that was catching my eye so i could use this trip as inspiration for my next collection.

I have to say a little part of me fell in love with Brighton, this may have been my first trip but most certainly wont be the last! x

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