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Sunday, 18 July 2010

The Get Away : Part 3 : Columbia Road Flower Market

Jessie Chorley & Buddug - The Shop

On another mad hot day, We (we being myself, big sis and brother in law to be) went to explore Columbia Road flower market. Clue is in the title that this is one rather large flower market, bursting with colour and smells, but this street also holds alot of hidden gems that had me spellbound. If i was made of money i would buy a house on that road just so i could watch everything unfold outside my window.

My most favourite find was a small this shop called jessie chorley and buddug (links above) This mini vintage emporium was bursting at the seams with creativity and housed all my loves. From vintage jewellery to hand embroidery and many more marvelous things. Im not going to babble on to much about it as I think their websites say it all.

Hats off to you two lovely ladies! I am in deed, in awe of your work!!

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