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Sunday, 18 July 2010

Home Sweet Home : Craft Mafia New Girl

While I waved goodbye to London and the sister I was facing a long 4 hour trip back home. I always book my trains late so i can have an extra day in where ever i am, and sleep on the way home, Now as i sat with a cup of tea watching the trees whizz past the window the thought of pulling into newcaslte at 2am was not a pleasant one, i really just wanted my bed! So as i got settled into my book ( Twilight : Eclipse ... team jacob all the way :D ) my phone buzzed with excitement as the emails came flooding in.
Before i went away on my mini break I had applied to become part of Newcastles Craft Mafia. A team of crafters working together to spread the word. I had heard of people applying and not being accepted so i was over joyed to get my acceptance email!! What a wonderful way to end my trip knowing that when i got home id have a new and exciting arts movement to get involved in. So Frayed Frocks is now the new girl at Newcastles Craft Mafia! ... x

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