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Wednesday, 6 October 2010

............. break time over

Break time is over

soooooo i lasted a grand total of 3 weeks off work, i knew it would be hard taking a break from things but i guess i am addicted to sewing i just cannot give it up!!

I thought i had picked a good time to leave off things and raise funds to go travelling....however him upstairs had different plans for me ... as i pack away
(my beloved little sewing machine)
and took a week of much needed R&R the postman carried in sale slip after sales slip from the gallery which means my stock has sold out ... which made me think
ooooooooooooops am i doing the right thing? I then got the phone call saying id been accepted into the British Textiles and Surface Design Association and they wanted to exhibit my work at the Sage in Gateshead as part of the annual arts fair.
Of course i
couldn't say no, so that was it, done deal i am officially back in business after a mini break, i still plan to go travelling but with opportunities like this i just cannot turn them down.

Soooooooo now starts the mammoth run up to Christmas where i eat sleep dream breathe designs for gift orders. So if you don't see me in a while ..... just stick ya head round the studio door and check the pile isn't over my head ... bring me a cuppa and i will be forever grateful :0)


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