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Saturday, 12 February 2011

new addition to the tattoo collection

So after 2 long years of planning my tattoo Iv finally made the push and got it started. Iv wanted a half sleeve for a very long time and I had it started last year with the two roses on my forearm. . . then one thing lead to another loosing a couple of jobs and finding other things to spend my pennies on like gin and vintage tea dresses .. then i got back onto my arm and began drawing up the rest of my sleeve and booked in. So yesterday Mel made good progress and i managed to sit for 4 hours and got a good chunk done ... i LOVE it .. its exactly what iv had in my head and i cant stop looking at it. I'm a very happy tattooed lady :)
Round 2 booked in for the 28th so keep and eye out for more photographs .. do you like it? ...

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