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Saturday, 12 February 2011

one man's junk is another man's treasure

Likes and Dislikes of others have always fascinated me, how a particular item can amaze some people yet have the opposite effect on some one else .. all of which add to a persons character.
I'm often described by friends as a hoarder, in my opinion I'm a home-maker and like to surround myself with beautiful and interesting objects.
On a recent trip to Edinburgh to visit my dear friend, she took me to one of the strangest yet fascinating places iv ever been too. A place where curiosity definitely gets the better of you, but its OK .. your free to explore! ..
Located near the coast and on the edge of a very eerie forest lies a junkyard .. a junk yard filled of hidden treasure.
I had several 'Alice in wonderland' kind of moments clambering around old tables and chairs to find the beauties hidden behind .. although i enjoyed discovering these pieces, I also felt a little sad that they were just stood outside in the rain, looking lost and forgotten ... i would have happily given them all a new home .. but then leaving them there lets others enjoy the magic.
I hope you like the photos.

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