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Sunday, 20 March 2011

all praise the palazzo pant !

Sooo it was a good friend of mines 30th birthday recently and after months of planning a surprise party i had not given any thought to my outfit .. sounding like a typical girl i wanted something special and abit different to mark this occasion.
Its a running joke within my friendship group about my love affair with dresses .. yes I'm afraid at the age of 24 i do not own any trousers ... that was until i discovered the palazzo!! As a fuller figure girl with womanly hips and definite curves i always wear dresses as its easier than trying to find two pieces to suit my shape .. however, on a wonder through town i started to spot alot of these wide leg trousers knocking around and in one particular shop i spotted a pair with a cute wee cherry print .. ''oh there really sweet'' i thought so skipped off to the changing room more for a giggle of seeing myself in trousers after what must be around 5 years since the last time ... i was pleasantly surprised!! more so in fact! .. hung nicely .. didn't cling .. didn't emphasis my thunder thighs .., whats going?
i now have a 2nd love affair to rival tea dresses ... all praise the palazzo pant!!

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