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Thursday, 3 March 2011

Merci Beaucoup mes Amis!x

A real french macaroon and a cup of tea .. what a treat !x

Recently some friends of mine flew off to Paris for their very first time!! my attempts to hide in their luggage failed and they flew off without me .. ( i couldnt go due to work)
Me being me and secretly wishing I was Parisian . . . gave them a good prep talk on my beloved city and handed over my Bible (- not an actual bible but the best tour book i have ever bought which successfully saw me around paris without getting lost three years straight!)

Off they skipped and judging by the photos had an amazing time, and i do believe they have caught the Parisian bug and plan a second trip later in the year which i am determined to go on.
As a thank you for letting them take said 'bible' they bought me back these amazing little treats, an old print of the moulin rouge on a tea towel which will look grand in my new kitchen and ... hold it ... yes a MACAROON .. nom nom deeeeeelicious.



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