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Saturday, 12 March 2011

RACE 4 LIFE : Cancer research

Running in memory of Grandma Lillian and aunt Pauline (above). . . & Grandad George (top left) . . . x

An event that happens on a yearly basis and i never quite get there ... last year i was close .. signed up even did a little training them BAM ankle incidents x2 i end up on crutches for 7 month and unable to do it .. so this year I'm move determined than ever. Sadly i have lost several relatives to cancer and the work this organisation do can not go on without our help and support.
Today i dusted off the trainers and went for my first run .. boy did it hurt..good job i have a few months to practice! The Newcastle race takes place on the 10th July and i will be running in memory of my Granada who 15 years on i still miss terribly .. and for my grandma Lillian and aunt Pauline .. both who i never had the chance to meet. For anyone else thinking about doing this great event ... please do!!
I will be posting on my training progress so be sure to have some photos of comical value. If anyone wishes to sponsor me for the race that would be grand , it truly is for a great cause!!


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