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Thursday, 3 March 2011

welcome to my world

The whole reason i set up this blog was so people interested in my work could get to know me more and see behind the scenes into what makes me tick as an artist and how my work develops from ideas into finished pieces. . . alas i owe an apology to being slow in posts and not consistent. As followers are aware the last six months have been hit and miss for me as i have a mini pre-mid life crisis and ask myself that ever puzzling question ''what am i doing with my life?'' ... an answer I'm still yet to find. . . although I'm yet to work out the destination on the map I'm heading to, to plant some roots one thing that hasn't stopped is my thirst to be surrounded by inspiration and all things ''me''.

Whilst clearing out alot of my old uni work and starting to whittle down my belongings to a move able amount i have brought new life into my studio with bits and bobs i thought id lost and things i have recently acquired (old family photos and gloves from my grandmothers etc..)

I like the way a studio or any working space can represent a person and it interests me to see how people perceive you, and define characteristics, just from objects.

I thought it would be fun to share with you some snap shot of my desk/work area and see what you all think .... enjoy

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