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Sunday, 1 May 2011

scissor happy

I am a chameleon when it comes to my image.
Although the common threads, be them vintage threads, continuously run throughout i do like to change the barnet on a regular basis.
Whether that stems from the early days many moons ago when i worked in hairdressers or having my big sister at my disposal growing up, i sure do like to experiment.
Over the last couple of years i was growing my locks and loved the whole elegant 1950s soft feminine look. Then my spontaneity overtook and i got the locks chopped off.
Having taken that step to chop it all off i let go of the emotional attachment to it, and just think hmmm I'm lucky enough it will grow back if i don't like it and the ideas of what i could do began to flourish.
The big sister is home from London and fortunately brought home her kit...quick chat about my ideas and the then the clippers were out ... yessss i shaved my head.
It was strangely liberating and nice and relaxing, until i momentarily looked at the floor and caught a glimpse of alot of hair (eeeek tooo late now)
however i totally love it , i like how the rest of my hair is still soft and feminine i just have this unexpected edge that i guess represents my inner sense of mischievousness i cant always control.

what do you guys think? shes good with the scissors no? if you want to know anymore about my sister and her hairdressing business please follow the links on my blog to


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