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Sunday, 1 May 2011

tattoo part ... 3? i loose count

Tattoo part 3

So as some previous posts have shown i have begun work on my sleeve. I'm not ashamed to admit iv become a little addicted to the ink and needles. Iv now booked in for the 3rd session to get my roses finished and then start on the inner arm
(dun dun durrrr ... i think for this i will invest in some numbing cream as i am rather nervous)
Like the rest it is something i have designed myself and adds to the sewing theme and the importance of this to me and i guess further representing my character.
Iv gone for some ornate dress making scissors and will be having the initials G and H within the pattern. Individually they stand for my parents and together are the full initials of my Grandad who sadly is no longer with us.
Wrapped around this will be a ribbon with the quote
'' To be irreplaceable one must always be different''
The is one of my favourite quotes from a inspirational designer, Coco Chanel. The reference will be made by having the famous logo on a tiny scale on the screw that holds the blades together.

The space will be filled in with some of my other favourite flowers, blue Chilean crocus's and some more roses.
I'm so excited if not a little nervous as it will really start to come together and my arm will gradually be coloured in lovely soft shades of pink and blues.
Roll on the 20th may :)


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