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Monday, 13 June 2011

music to feed the soul

'' you'll find me in the morning, hidden within the rose ''

Music is like any other art form, a very opinionated subject. I like a whole mix up of styles and i think that's healthy. However i do love acoustic music and id say that's whats closest to my heart.
Its what i turn to when i need relaxing, having some time to myself or even just fancy a good old sing along. Having some time to myself lately was a rare treat and i decided to do a bit of music finding to update my ipod and stumbled across this guy.
Matthew and the Atlas - i have totally fallen in love with this mans voice, and his style of music gives me goosebumps.
I totally adore this song and cannot stop listening to it, now admittedly for other reasons that just liking it, people connect to music and it in turn adapts its own memory.
This song now holds happy thoughts for me, and promise of a happy road ahead.
Have a listen ... see what excitement it might bring you.


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