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Monday, 4 July 2011

another candle to blow out birthday girl

So last week i turned 24 on the 24th. Another year older another year wise apparently and one more candle on the cake to blow out.
What way would a girl like me celebrate, cocktails i hear you say? ... oh yes!
You could find me on home turf in Popolos Newcastle with my nearest and dearest thumbing our way through the menu .. or at least pretending like we don't know what everyone on the list tastes like. Snuggling down in a booth with a Bellini in hand I felt quite content as my friends started to arrive. I'm not one of these gals that expects everyone to be in attendance because its my birthday but it was nice that everyone came and i was spoilt with gifts.

Now it made me chuckle as almost everything was cake or gin themed ... am i this predictable? or do they just know me so well. I like to think its the latter. From cath kidston sewing tins, to cupcake smelling wipes and cases to a new book to add to the baking shelf and a new thing for me to obsess over ... Cakepops ( this discovery calls for a blog entry to itself)
As much as i loved all my gifts there was one that was a big surprise and a one i shall cherish.

I love a good handmade treat, i think the thought and effort that goes into it makes it more special than how many pennies it has cost. DIY all the way in my eyes.
The lovely talented miss Louise drew me up a sugar skull inspired pin up girl.
I blooming love it!!! and as soon as i got home decided i had to put it on the wall instantly.
however cocktail influences were apparent the next morning when it was hung not so straight haha : )

If you would like to know a little more about this amazing friend and artist look under fabulous friends up at the top there and click on Jeez Louise.
This young missy will go far ... you seen her here first.

So that's me done for another year.

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