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Monday, 25 July 2011

Beauty sleep ... myth or necessity ?

Its said that we need around 8 hours sleep a night to fully function? ... this may explain my ever more frequent blonde moments as if I am lucky if I get about 5 hours tops.
Iv been a very tired fee of late, what with trying to plan the move north, tying up loose ends at work, and being other wise preoccupied as the other half is poorly .. this leaves the mind on over drive and not much time to switch off.
Settling down on Saturday eve after a hard slog at work, cosying down to watch a film, it took no less than five minutes for me to be out for the count ... waking up 6 hours later a bit dazed and confused at it being 1am and not really knowing where I was I climbed back into bed and to my surprise slept right through until morning.
This along side struggling to get up of a morning and hiding tired eyes under eye liner and lashes I feel its time for me to re'jig the routine and get some sleep.
If I can wake looking a bit more fresh and beautiful like miss Dita up there then why the heck not (ok wishful thinking but good motivation no?)

So here is to trying to switch off and getting some much needed beauty sleep!!


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