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Monday, 4 July 2011

my love for dallas green

So its no lie, i love this man. He has one of the most beautiful voices iv ever heard and an amazingly talented singer/song writer.
I was devastated when i missed him play Newcastle last October with his band ''alexisonfire'' however iv always been a 'city and colour'' (his other band) fan more so i like to think i must have meant to miss seeing him last year ... as this year is more special as iv managed to get tickets to say said beautiful man play Newcastle's city hall on October 14th
with the rest of City and Colour.
I get to see this beautiful man sing all my favs songs including The Girl , as linked above , and even more exciting i get to go see him with my new beautiful man <3 and my lovely ladies.
I cannot wait!! - happy birthday to meeeee


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