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Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Photographs ... a life in pictures

I'm sure I'm not the first or the last to get a whole bunch of photographs printed, then put them aside to put in albums later, but later never comes.
Iv always been a huge fan of photography and love looking through my parents scrap books, seeing them in their early twenties trying to see if i resemble them in anyway. Id like to think in years to come ill have children of my own and hope they too will like to look at all my photographs and see my life through the pictures.

With the ever looming move to my beloved city of Edinburgh to set down some roots, i feel now more than ever i really need to get all these photos down in albums.
Especially with recent events and twists of fate i really feel that this chapter of my life is ending, and before the next exciting one starts (north of the boarder fingers crossed) i need to document my life so far.
They say every picture tells a story ... and mine certainly do tell an interesting tale.


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