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Tuesday, 5 July 2011

sunflowers, a symbol of summer


I love sunflowers, i remember as kid growing them in the back garden (or at least trying too)
and being overwhelmed at how tall they grew, mine were not so successful, but a friends always grew really tall. I clearly don't have green fingers.
For me, these are a true sign of summer and i really love them, work is metal at the moment and is a testing time. Working long days, missing the boy, and this lovely British summer (too much rain) I spotted these beauties on a barrow on my way home from town and had to buy them.
I love the colours of the yellow against the blue and they have really cheered me, and my room up.
I also think i have discovered a new obsession .. another i hear you say .. yes another creative craft to get my teeth into.
I was baffled at how blue these flowers were and how the middles remained white and as if the colour had bled onto the petals ... and as if by magic this is exactly what has happened. Apparently if you pop a wee bit of food colouring in the water the plant soaks in the colour along with water and slowly this can become visible on the petals. NOTE: i really should have listened more in biology at school to understand this more!
So i guess i need to buy some white flowers, food colouring and see what i can come up with.


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