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Thursday, 4 August 2011

Feathers in all their finery

Feathers in all their Finery

As mentioned in a previous entry I have had some interest in my hair collections for a bridal store, however this lady is pretty remarkable in her imagination and my brief is, ''the more creative the better'' ... now as a designer that's like all your Christmas's coming at once.
When designing for a more commercial, everyday market I do have to reign myself in, but now I'm being asked to design more wearable works of art I can let my mind run free.
I have wanted to do a Avant Garde inspired collection for a while and I feel this is my chance.
The pieces will be for sale and the more theatrical will be for rental purpose.
I am super excited to be able to go mad with feathers and other trimmings and come up with some amazing head pieces.
Of course I shall post progress on here and you can give me feedback.
Lets get out the sewing box and get started ...


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