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Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Sarah's Key

Today is the first time in a little over a week I have made it across the door step , Luckily the old man took pity on me and and took me into town, crutches and all, to be able to go and get my hair cut and enjoy and afternoon at my favourite cinema in Newcastle.
I am an avid fan of Tyneside Cinema in Newcastle and have spent many an afternoon just wondering in through the doors, seeing what film I am on time for and just seeing what I find.
Today was like this, but with mother in tow we settled down in the comfy seats
to await sarah's key to start.
I knew little of this film other than it has been made following the amazing success of the book, and its about a small child in 1942 and the arrest of Jew's in Paris during this time.
A heart wrenching tale of a sisters love for her little brother and determination to escape the camps and go back and get him from the place she told him to hide from arrest.
Finding her brother hasn't survived Sarah goes on to build a life for herself .. marries has a child but sadly feels she cannot go on and ends her life.
The film follows the story of Julia, a journalist who has looked into this time for an article and finds the link as she has moved into the flat in Paris that once belonged to Sarah and her family, the home they were taken from .. and she decides to trace down her life and family.
An emotional journey for Julia and you as a viewer as you re'live the horror of the time.
A must see film, I cried naturally but it is a beautifully moving tale.

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