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Saturday, 21 January 2012

Remember when people used to write letters

ok, so it's no secret that I'm and old girl at heart and like to do things the old fashioned way so it wont surprise some of you that I've set myself the challenge of bringing back the lost art form of letter writing. Now my handwriting is not the best , and my spelling ... well haha that's as creative as I am ;) ...but I like to think the recipients will look past that and see that I've taken the time to sit down and written to them, so the first instalments are in the post and I'm hoping they will pick up the letter chain and write back to me, this has really got my creative blood flowing though, I'm planning on taking it further with a new to me but very old typewriter and plan to stitch into them and make each letter a work of post'able art.
So here is to turning off technology and taking the simpler approach to communication, may be a little slower but the simpler plans are usually the best.

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