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Sunday, 30 December 2012

New Year New Beginings

Sooooo i thought it had been awhile since I last posted on this, but looking at the dates i did not think it had been almost a year!! so apologies my lovely followers that i seem to have fallen off the earth. Alas i have not, i am still very much on the planet and nesting in the beautiful Edinburgh! I have concentrated this last year on making the city i love my home and i have to say i am super exited for 2013 and the treats it has in store for me. I will be kick starting the new year with new beginnings all round!
 I have a new day job at a jewellery designers based in the gorgeous and historic Royal Mile in Edinburgh's old town and i am loving it! It has been the creative kick up the bum iv needed to get back in to crafting , and boy am i getting back into it :) ... New label and branding and a whole heap of new ideas.
So let me introduce to you ...
Miss Marvelous Makes
A creative crafts label offering handmade treats for you and your home. All lovingly made in my Edinburgh based studio (and rather cosy flat) by me, the crafty misstress of Marvelous Makes.
I feel i have finally found my identity and can't wait to get making.
I hope you will enjoy the new beginnings as much as I am, and as always your comments and feedback is valued. Here' to 2013 my Lovely Ladies and making it the best yet!
Happy New Year

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