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Friday, 18 January 2013

Silverhub Studios : metalwork begins

So its no secret I'm a creative sponge and love learning new skills and tricks, and finally after months of trying to juggle the day job and the fun job I've got the balance right and got accepted onto a jewellery design course. Really loving the day job has made me realise, although I love my textiles background there is more in me than stitching :) .. so I have begun my journey with Metal.
I have space at Silverhub Studios in the heart of Edinburgh, a friendly and cosy studio ran
by the very talented designer Lisa Arnott.
The beginners guide will set me up with the basic skills to carry onto the next course, and in the mean time gives me a personal design journey accompanied by Lisa,
to help me make my own bespoke piece of jewellery by the end of the 10 weeks.
The first session has got me totally hooked!! - we learnt to cut metal and create textures through embossing with a press and using different hammers to create surface textures.
My favorite though, has my typography love all over it, using small letter stamps
(similar to a typewriter) and a rather large hammer taking out the days frustrations and creating some beautiful lettering embossed in the metal ! only one session down and I cannot wait for the next!!
If you, like me are interested in jewellery design and stay in the Edinburgh area give Lisa's studio a look and fall in love with the wonders of metal work!

" fee ray : Last of the Day Dreamers "

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