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Wednesday, 10 November 2010

forever changing ..

Iv been doing alot of thinking lately about my work as a designer and my brand. I have come to realise that i take too much on and try to do too much at once!! i really need to learn to say no :)

Although there are many strings to my bow, and the business is made up of two main halves focusing on a FrayedFrocks my clothing label, and the accessories line of FrayedTextiles Im realising how confusing this may be to potential clients and may put people off. So i have come to the conclusion that i need a re'shuffle and revamp the brand. Im am as they say ''going back to basics'' and taking the brand back to its orignal roots and trading under the one label, FrayedTextiles. I will be focusing my time on my accessories label with a limited clothing collection every now and then. This way i can create more intricate pieces that i love so much without compramising my time and trying to do so much at once.

Sooooo please stay with me on this revamp, the only thing changing is the name and thats only ever so slight. The web address will be changing to and it will be this logo i will be using on tags and business cards.

If you have any comments or suggestions for us to keep in mind with the revamp they would be much appriciated!!

fee x

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