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Monday, 13 June 2011

i wonder ...

I wonder ... is the sky this pretty where you are?

FATE ... believer? or non believer?

Fate :
Noun: The development of events outside a person's control, regarded as determined by a supernatural power.
Verb: Be destined to happen, turn out, or act in a particular way

Fate can often be discarded as being a silly notion, but for myself its something i strongly believe in. It often baffles me to think ... what if i had walked a different way to work and didn't bump into you, would i have ever found that out? orrr if i hadn't gone for a drink in that bar and gone to my usual would we have ever met?

I really do believe things are planned and that decisions are thrown at us but the outcome is already expected.
I have recently had reason to question fate again, but for wonderful warming reasons.
What would have happened if i had gone out that night as planned, and not stayed at home. I wouldn't have been on my laptop, sat online, and wouldn't have sent that email.
however i did stay at home and did send that email .. and now? now the result of my actions has me cast into a lovely little dream world of smiles and butterflies.

love and life works in mysterious ways ... and i wouldn't want it any other way


music to feed the soul

'' you'll find me in the morning, hidden within the rose ''

Music is like any other art form, a very opinionated subject. I like a whole mix up of styles and i think that's healthy. However i do love acoustic music and id say that's whats closest to my heart.
Its what i turn to when i need relaxing, having some time to myself or even just fancy a good old sing along. Having some time to myself lately was a rare treat and i decided to do a bit of music finding to update my ipod and stumbled across this guy.
Matthew and the Atlas - i have totally fallen in love with this mans voice, and his style of music gives me goosebumps.
I totally adore this song and cannot stop listening to it, now admittedly for other reasons that just liking it, people connect to music and it in turn adapts its own memory.
This song now holds happy thoughts for me, and promise of a happy road ahead.
Have a listen ... see what excitement it might bring you.


Newcastle Fashion week Presents ...

Northumbria Uni Graduate Fashion Show
held at the Baltic, Gateshead.

My lovely miss murray, the fabulous designer that she is has finally graduated.
From day one after discussing her ideas for her final collection over many a cocktail i promised i would be there, front row to cheer her on as she showcased her splendid craftsmanship, and that is exactly what i did ! - with a slight tear in my eye i may add , i felt like a proud mother of my dear friend and in total ore of the wonderful collection that pranced down the catwalk in front of me.
This lady is super talented and has already worked for the likes of Anna Sui in New York and I'm sure is bound for a bright future and making us all look amazing in the clobber she creates.
Sadly she wasn't put forward for London fashion week ... a title i feel she was robbed from and as my little lovely told me on her return she still managed to kick up a storm and has interest from high street stores and European press.

Now fashion isn't everyone's cup of tea, and grateful for that i am or it just wouldn't work.
For me it gives me a buzz, the energy to create and makes me love the life i lead.

I had a rather splendid afternoon with miss murray hearing all her stories from the London show as we celebrated her success in the only way i know how - afternoon tea with all the trimmings and a glass of bubbly to chink
In doing this i wish my amazingly talented friend every happiness on the crazy roller coaster she is about to board, New York had better watch out.


tick tock .. where does time go

last of the day dreamers , she lives in her own bubble

I'm often described as a daydreamer and i quite like it, sometimes being lost in your own thoughts is a good place to be. Of late i feel like I'm in my own little bubble 24/7 i cant quite believe its been over 3 weeks since my last post .. so much for being on top of it!
i do apologise for those who do follow me, I'm not sure where the time has gone, i have been up to lots and i guess now is where i put the kettle on and settle down for a long awaited catch up, so here it goes ..