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Sunday, 18 July 2010

Photoshoot for the Customs House Gallery

New Frayed Textiles Hair Accessories
After stuffing our faces with divine cakes and plenty of tea me and Zan turned to do some work.
Both our collections are doing well at the Customs House gallery, however we have been asked to provide some imagery to push sales. I think these will make a lot of difference to my sales as you are able to see how they look on.
Again Zan's camera did a marvelous job and she was a great model! Im really happy with how these few have came out.
Im now working hard on my new collection of accessories inspired from my recent trips and hopefully they will be ready in time for the Vintage fair that hits Newcastle in September.
Look out for us! xx

Afternoon Tea, the perfect catch up

Afternoon tea : no 2
As i mentioned earlier all my friends know i love tea, tea sets and cakes. My good friend Zan
(of Zanna Designs) decided we were long over due a catch up and to my surprise she through this afternoon tea. It was the full works! triangle sanwiches, cakes, tea and pink lemonade. The best afternoon I have had in a long while.
There is no end to this girls talents, not only a marvelous jewellery designer and artist she is a dab hand with a camera too. I love these photos she took as it really captures the afternoon in all its colourful glorly. I was in my element :) x

The cakes were yummy! We have thought about including some on our stall at our next art fairs.

Dolls & Molls : Needle & Thread

Dolls & Molls

I first met Emily of Dolls&Molls while working for BTB. I managed to get her onboard so the store could stock her divine little jewellery range. I love her work, and as you can see by the images its definatley my cup of tea! I bought my sewing machine necklace at the Green Festival in Newcastle earlier this summer, and my Needle and Thread earrings at the Made in Newcastle launch. I do love them and hope you do to!
If you would like a little something of your own check out

Made in Newcastle : Launch of pop up shop


It is about time Newcastle embraced the arts and crafts more i was super excited to find out about the new pop up shop in town. Filling an empty shop space untill December M.I.N is an outlet for crafters in the town in return for designers time to help run the shop. The opening day was buzzing with people and there was an impressive selection of handmade goods.
Towards the back of the store was a divine little sewing cafe with a few vintage sewing machines and of course what launch would be complete without some tea and cupcakes!!
Im hopefully going to be able to get involved soon and get Frayed Frocks on the rails instore.

Home Sweet Home : Craft Mafia New Girl

While I waved goodbye to London and the sister I was facing a long 4 hour trip back home. I always book my trains late so i can have an extra day in where ever i am, and sleep on the way home, Now as i sat with a cup of tea watching the trees whizz past the window the thought of pulling into newcaslte at 2am was not a pleasant one, i really just wanted my bed! So as i got settled into my book ( Twilight : Eclipse ... team jacob all the way :D ) my phone buzzed with excitement as the emails came flooding in.
Before i went away on my mini break I had applied to become part of Newcastles Craft Mafia. A team of crafters working together to spread the word. I had heard of people applying and not being accepted so i was over joyed to get my acceptance email!! What a wonderful way to end my trip knowing that when i got home id have a new and exciting arts movement to get involved in. So Frayed Frocks is now the new girl at Newcastles Craft Mafia! ... x

The Get Away : part 5 : Forever working

Sailors Knots
The beauty of my job is that no matter where I am, I can still work (if i want to) Whilst i was away I recieved a long awaited email.
During my final year of my degree i produced a collection of artwork to go alongside a dress that i made inspired by the sea and maratime stories. This project is where i really feel i found my style, and the best part about this project was that I collaborated with a very dear friend of mine, and talented poet.
This work was exhibited in the Queens Halls in Hexham, Northumberland and created quite a stir. After the opening a deal was struck to get this work published in a book alongside more of Mr Bradys poetry.
A surreal but very proud moment!
Almost 3 years and a lot of work later the porject developed into working with degree students from our local college and this was a huge success! The book is now being published in the states and is set to be launched in the UK at the Sage, Gateshead, arts fair in October.
We are soooooooooooo excited!! and im very proud of Andy, hopefully this will be the first book of many!.
Here is the link for the online preview.
I hope you like it x

The Get Away : part 4: Afternoon tea

Any one who knows me, knows i loooooooooooooove tea and everything that goes on the side. I have a obsession with cupcakes and tea sets so nothing makes a better birthday treat for me than going for afternoon tea! The cupcakes here were divine!! Yum Yum x

The Get Away : Part 3 : Columbia Road Flower Market

Jessie Chorley & Buddug - The Shop

On another mad hot day, We (we being myself, big sis and brother in law to be) went to explore Columbia Road flower market. Clue is in the title that this is one rather large flower market, bursting with colour and smells, but this street also holds alot of hidden gems that had me spellbound. If i was made of money i would buy a house on that road just so i could watch everything unfold outside my window.

My most favourite find was a small this shop called jessie chorley and buddug (links above) This mini vintage emporium was bursting at the seams with creativity and housed all my loves. From vintage jewellery to hand embroidery and many more marvelous things. Im not going to babble on to much about it as I think their websites say it all.

Hats off to you two lovely ladies! I am in deed, in awe of your work!!

The Get Away : part 2 : Brighton

What summer break is complete without a trip to the seaside! so sticking to the rules we hit our local beach that just so happend to be BRIGHTON :)

The weather was unusually hot (always rains when im in london) so we took advantage of this and jumped on the train straight to Brighton.

What a perfect saturday it was! Little shopping trip in the lanes, I was in my element with all the vintage and shabby chic boutiques and had to keep telling myself " now fee, you wont get those home on the train in one piece" so for once the purse didnt get a battering! Although my pennies were safe my mind was on over drive taking mental notes of everything that was catching my eye so i could use this trip as inspiration for my next collection.

I have to say a little part of me fell in love with Brighton, this may have been my first trip but most certainly wont be the last! x

The Get Away : part 1 : Secret Gardens

As the summer kicks into full swing another chapter in my life closes. I decided to leave my job in vintage retail so I could spend more time on my label as its becoming more and more in demand. So after a busy end to my job as a buyer and designer for said vintage retailer i was in much need of a break! and where better to run away to than to visit the big sister down in London.

On my first day there we went for a little walk to explore the new area of the capital she has moved to. We stumbled into an opening along the river which lead into these lovely gardens. Open to the public but we felt like kids again entering a secret garden. At the top end of the gardens was this amazing fountain! it was huge and very grand but at the same time very peaceful. The perfect setting for two sisters to have there long over due catch up over an ice cream, basking in london sunshine. . x

Keep Calm and ... Eat Cupcakes

It has been a crazy last few weeks for me, I had to bid farewell to my job in vintage retail, to dedicate more time to my accessories label, which has been going down a treat at the Customs House gallery and i have several more outlets in the pipeline. My head is fit to burst with new collection ideas all which have been spurred on from a few weeks wondering round london town for inspiration.
Many an afternoon spent in portabello, stumbling across Columbia road flower market and a heck of a lot of tea and cake ... I am now home and ready to go ... so i am sorry for having not kept ontop of my blog but here goes the longest catch up of what i have been up to ... enjoy!
fee x