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Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Copper continued ...

After painstaking hours upon hours of sawing and filing my components the pieces of my jigsaw were starting to come together. Only now do I truely understand the blood sweat and tears that go into sculptures! - quite literally in my case I may add - **  note to self filing small triangles into sharp points make mini hazards to fingers**  yet another battle scar to add to the collection and I carried on. 
Now the base metal was prepped it was time to let loose my textile mind and begin the layers of textures which also act as a great stress relief?! Oh the fun to be had with a hammer....

The contrast here of the smoothness of the natural copper to the surface texture I had created by hand gave me great inspiration to how the intricacy of my design could be given more depth 

Copper catch up

A few months ago I began my journey In the world of metal work and silversmith and gave you a few posts in the early days of this new venture. My intentions were to photograph and share with you the progression of my first collection ... But alas I got swept away in the magic and I am only now getting round to writing again. So here is a quick catch up of my work - watch and see the metal transform from raw materials into their wearable form. I certainly have a new love in my life!! I'd love to know what you guys think ..

Friday, 18 January 2013

Creative family : not so little anymore

This post is a little late as the christmas season is all over and done with, but I wanted to share this photo. I come from a very creative family, and I am one of 3 kids. Big sis lives in London, Little brother in Europe and Me? - the middle one in Scotland. That makes christmas special as we all take the trip home back to the nest. As it was just a flying trip for me we made the effort to go our for lunch and the brother in law to be took this snap of us. I love this photo as its rare we all get time to be together these days, but it also reminded me of a photo of us when we were young.
Soooo ok the order is slightly wrong ( flip them two around) but It's quite surreal to see us all together again almost in the same line up just 20 years down the line :)

Meet the siblings ... Hels and Andy
I remember this 'party' top, one of many my Mum made us when we were kids, and the starts of my interest in sewing ... the gravy tin? apparently the only thing that made my
brother sit still for the photo :)

Marvelous Moodboards

I've really loved being back in the studio and getting stuck into a new project. I love yesterday year and all things vintage and for anyone that knows me - knows my love of the 20s and Art Deco. Although I'm still early on in the course I've decided to look at the Art Deco era for inspiration, looking at lines, shapes and textures and got making some Marvelous Moodboards to get the ideas flowing, and boy are they flowing!! I'm really keen at the idea of making a contemporary necklace and - me being me - having the piece layered up and more wearable art.
Keep following my posts and join the journey to see the jewellery take shape :)

Silverhub Studios : metalwork begins

So its no secret I'm a creative sponge and love learning new skills and tricks, and finally after months of trying to juggle the day job and the fun job I've got the balance right and got accepted onto a jewellery design course. Really loving the day job has made me realise, although I love my textiles background there is more in me than stitching :) .. so I have begun my journey with Metal.
I have space at Silverhub Studios in the heart of Edinburgh, a friendly and cosy studio ran
by the very talented designer Lisa Arnott.
The beginners guide will set me up with the basic skills to carry onto the next course, and in the mean time gives me a personal design journey accompanied by Lisa,
to help me make my own bespoke piece of jewellery by the end of the 10 weeks.
The first session has got me totally hooked!! - we learnt to cut metal and create textures through embossing with a press and using different hammers to create surface textures.
My favorite though, has my typography love all over it, using small letter stamps
(similar to a typewriter) and a rather large hammer taking out the days frustrations and creating some beautiful lettering embossed in the metal ! only one session down and I cannot wait for the next!!
If you, like me are interested in jewellery design and stay in the Edinburgh area give Lisa's studio a look and fall in love with the wonders of metal work!

" fee ray : Last of the Day Dreamers "

A wee friend in the studio

Meet little Angus! Our adorable furry friend on loan from our friends while they were home for Christmas. Was nice have a curious kitty Cat around...and he seemed to like hanging around my old singer machine. Xx

Monday, 31 December 2012

Happy Hogmanay!

To my lovely fans and followers!
Happy Hogmanay from a very cold Edinburgh! Lets raise a glass to 2013 and make it the best one yet!