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Friday, 18 January 2013

Creative family : not so little anymore

This post is a little late as the christmas season is all over and done with, but I wanted to share this photo. I come from a very creative family, and I am one of 3 kids. Big sis lives in London, Little brother in Europe and Me? - the middle one in Scotland. That makes christmas special as we all take the trip home back to the nest. As it was just a flying trip for me we made the effort to go our for lunch and the brother in law to be took this snap of us. I love this photo as its rare we all get time to be together these days, but it also reminded me of a photo of us when we were young.
Soooo ok the order is slightly wrong ( flip them two around) but It's quite surreal to see us all together again almost in the same line up just 20 years down the line :)

Meet the siblings ... Hels and Andy
I remember this 'party' top, one of many my Mum made us when we were kids, and the starts of my interest in sewing ... the gravy tin? apparently the only thing that made my
brother sit still for the photo :)

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