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Saturday, 21 January 2012

1st stop . Cramond, Edinburgh

So I have given myself the task of seeing as much of Scotland as I can while Edinburgh is my base, and I've started as I mean to go on.
First stop : Cramond.
The folks were coming up for the weekend and decided it would be could to take them somewhere new, for them but also for me and make use of my Dad's car and going further afield that I would possibly be able to get to on my own.
So with the advise from my flatmate off we went to Cramond. A place I'd not heard of but told it was a lovely place on the coast and good for long walks. Which we needed to burn off the yummy but huge roast lunch we had - after all that's what Sunday's are for no?
This place was just as lovely as Maggie described it, a very peaceful place and a lovely long stretch along the waters edge for you to walk, if you time it right you can get across to the island when its low tide.
My Dad laughed at me, is that camera glued to your hands missy ... I really love my cameras though and I think I got some good shots this day, it was a very tranquil scene, the water was so still and the air so cold, although there were plenty of folk around walking the same route it was quite and almost eerie.
I'd like to go back here once I've acquired a bike, I think it would be a lovely cycle.

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