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Sunday, 22 August 2010

FrayedFrocks for Vintage @ Goodwood

hits vintage @ goodwood

Iv been having a few weeks off as a well deserved b reak recently. Having left my role at Between the Buttons vintage i felt like i was hitting a mini mid'20s mid life crisis and not sure what i was doing or where i was heading.

But by having time out i still kept sewing, managed to get that huge pile of alliterations for my self finished which i think has been sat in my sewing basket since last
xmas!! and i was able to make things for friends and in doing so re'discoverd my love for clothing.
Accessories are my passion and I describe myself as an accessories designer but i do love making the odd frock here and there. So i jumped at the chance when a friend asked me to make her a dress for her trip to
Goodwood for her friends hen party.
Unfortunately I couldn't make the festival due to other commitments but i was proud of the dress i made for
Zan and she looked amazing in it.
Shes so petite it was like dressing a doll ( she needs to eat more dam it
but the dress fit like a glove and i waved her off to go twirling at
goodwood and spread the word of frayedfrocks.

If you too would like a dress I would be glad to make one for you, just give me a comment on this post or email


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  1. This dress looks amazing! The length is perfect!