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Sunday, 22 August 2010

Reaction : The long awaited Book.

It was really nice to see that the student who worked with me at FrayedFrocks on her work placement was selected to have her work used on the front cover. Ami Carson is a very talented designer... look out for her in the future, i am sure she will go far ...

The introduction to the book explains the story behind the work and how the collaboration was pulled together, it was nice to see I got a mention ...

Textile artist Fiona Ray .. thats me :)

The left hand side of the double page shows my favourite piece of my collection

The right hand side of my double page, my work is the bold machine embroidery illustration of a mermaid.

I was lucky enough to recieve a double page spread in the middle of the book

The back page is mug shots of everyone involved.
Im the bottom far left :)

a collaboration of poetry and textile art.

As some of you will know i mentioned in an earlier post that I was awaiting the publication of a book that would be showing some of my artwork along with poetry from a dear friend.
Well it is hard to believe that 3 years have now passed and the book is finally finished!!!

Back in the day of my student life of all night work sessions fueld by alot of tea and toast (and when things got worse switch tea for red wine) the stress and tears of a looming deadline paid off when I saw my work exhibited at the Queens Hall in Hexham, Northumberland.
This is where I was able to introduce a friend of mine, Poet Andrew Brady to my tutor and explain that he was the guy behind the poems used in the text on my work. Few handshakes and a chat later the deal was struck. We would both work alongside Newcastle college and students from the textile degree programme and together produce a book inspired by the original maratime collection I had produced.
Andy got to work writing more poetry and the students were asked to interpretate them into art work, and therefore visually giving there 'reaction' to his words.

Then here were are, the book looks fab and I am very proud of both myself, and Andy, it has been even more rewarding by being able to give him this platform to showcase his writing ability. Last but not least I am also proud of the students who I was able to work with and see develop through critiques held in the college studios. Its been lovely to see the work progress and finally have it printed on paper for everyone to enjoy!
This is something that does not happen often so a big thank you to the college and aim higher scheme for funding the project.

The book is to be launched at the Sage in Gateshead in October at the annual christmas trade show. I am super excited for this. The book along with all the my original artworks are on sale and we hope to grab alot of attention :)

Its a very proud time for me, and a happy one. This work is what first got me noticed as a upcoming artist, and I have had many opportunties since the exhibition that first got us thinking about the book. Three long hard years later the book is ready, and as i try to decide whether to take a year out to hunt down new ideas and inspiration, what better way to leap off into the unknown than the launch of the book that started everything.

Let me know your thoughts on the book. Comments are always valued!


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