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Wednesday, 1 December 2010

let it snow let it snow....let it snow

So if your not aware of the snow ... where have you been hiding? and is there room for me? ... i knew it was forecast but i didn't think it would be quite as much as it has been. I opened my front door this morning to a mini avalanche .. as i stood there in a now snow filled hallway i decided that venturing out wasn't the best plan ... typical that it is my day off work and i have so much to do but never the less a productive day in doors to catch up on my blog it is .. so kettle on and here it goes. . .

This week started out a good one, with a night out with the lovely tiv and allen. We have tickets to see the rather divine mr leto for a long time and we were not dissapointed!! 30seconds to mars were bloody brilliant! and the night continued to be eventful as we left the arena to find a blizzard .. and very almost got stranded in the pics show the snow was coming down fast! Our taxi never showed up and myself and allen pushed a total of 12 cars up a hill that got stuck on the ice .. while men sat back and watched i may add .. proving even more so my point that the gentleman is an extinct breed!
Was humourous though and kept us warm, i just do hope this snow does not delay the postman i have so many wonderful new materials arriving this week in time for the chirstmas fair at the gallery ... fingers crossed they get here in time .. xxx

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