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Tuesday, 17 May 2011

2 weeks of freedom begins ...

Bamburgh : one of my favourite walking spots

So its that lovely time of year again when i get two whole weeks of the day job and spend every minute doing what i like :)
Today was lovely meeting up with Miss V, a very dear friend and mutual lover of a good beach walk. Seen as Tynemouth on the north east coast is our usual meeting ground today we ventured further north .. I think myself lucky that i have grown up near the coastline and today was a trip down memory lane as we hit the sands of Bamburgh, Seahouses and Beadnell.
Lovely quaint seaside towns i spent many a weekend camping in with my brother and sister when we were kids.... blissfully unchanged it was nice to breathe in the sea air.
Today's walk included a new member of Juno, Miss V's mischievous but loveable dog.
We walked the length of the sands and back along to Bamburgh castle through the talls grass...which proved not the most wise decision when we hit bog land and madame here was in flip flops and a maxi dress! never the less we ventured on and what seemed like climbing mountains of sand we made it back to the car and continued on down the coast to Seahouses for the necessity for any beach walker, that is fish and chips and continued on down the coast to a little place called Lower Newton, somewhere id not been before, another lovely picturesque coastal village the prime location for a cuppa.

With the manic times that lie ahead for me over the next few weeks this was a lovely way to start my holiday.


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