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Saturday, 12 March 2011

pause for thought ...

We all have our own little places we retreat to when things get a little too much and we need space ... my little spot is my windowsill in my bedroom at my parents house. My mum often tells me before us kids came along that was her spot, the view from the window stretches far out into the hills and i guess, to my mum the view has changed alot in the last 24 years of my existence. I often sit here (although as i get older it becomes more and more of a balancing act) and try and get lost in the view, in the hopes that what ever is troubling me will become clearer ... its often does.
whilst sat in my spot the other evening trying to come up with strategies to get me up to Edinburgh i couldn't help but notice how pretty the sky was .. sunsets often associated with love and romance ... they can still be enjoyed by us single folk ... this particular night as i watched the sun go down it washed over me with a calming sensation, yes things may not be going my way right now, but watching the sun go down, knowing the next time i see it is a new day i should be grateful of and that all is not lost, my life is still in its early days and I'm sure i will get to where i want to be.

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