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Thursday, 3 March 2011

Imelda May 11/02/11

Imelda May .. 02 academy 11/02/11

<3 Imelda May in action <3

my lovely ladies! ashleigh and louise .. aww so cute <3

(Me .. classy as ever .. sporting the new accessory of clingfilm .. a must for a fresh tattoo)

For a while now i have had a girl crush on a lovely lady called Imelda May .. for those not in the know shes a stunning irish singer that just ouzes with class and glamour. A 1950s throw back from clothing to sound .. she is amazing!! luckily myself and a few fellow ladies who love her had the chance to see her sing live .. a slightly bias view point as i adore her music but it was by far one of the best gigs iv been to. She makes it look so easy and sings effortlessly.
It was a rather grand day all round as i got some tattoo work done in the morning, lunch with the brother and then off for afternoon tea with the sidekicks prior to the gig. . . wish all days were this fun!

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